Human Angels

People say that we have guardian angels.

Spirits in disguise to fix our life's tangles.

They say we need them, because we are not strong.

But in the Human Angel's case, you are wrong.

They are regular people, like you and I.

But they have a major difference I won't lie.

You see, everyone has once experienced life's pains.

To the Human Angels there world always rains.

Yet they still smile and make everyone's day.

Now I bet you're wondering, 'what are you trying to say'?

'What are these Human Angels you speak of?'

Well, listen to my tale, and I'll tell you, my little dove.

You see, Human Angels are angels that are born.

Not born with full grown wings or big old horns.

They are stuck in the middle, neither of the two.

Doing the job that nobody else wanted to do.

'Stop with the riddles get on with the tale'

Now for that, we need another ship to sail.

To take us to the heavens, that holds the history.

About the Human Angels, and there mystery.

Many years ago, up in the city of the sky.

Was the city of angels, where everyone could fly.

Now there were different angels, all sorts of kinds.

Guardians, Salvador’s, Gift bringers, any you could find.

The Human Angels however, are in another file.

They were the bringers of happiness, the gift of a smile.

Majestic, leaders that everyone wanted to follow.

Bringing hope to the world, not leaving one soul hollow.

Once upon a time, the world was filled with sadness.

An angel came forth and said, 'stop with the madness!'

So the angels filled the world with joy.

Sending a smile to every girl and boy.

But the darkness just blew in like a fan.

They had to come up with another plan.

Up forth came the leader of them all.

'If this sadness keeps up the world will fall!'

'A brave angel must go down.'

'To bring hope and pick up their frown.'

Everyone in the crowd stayed still.

Because nobody wanted that job to fill.

There is one major problem with that plan.

Once an angel touches land, they turn into a regular man.

They lose one of their majestic wings.

Powers and halo, they lose everything.

Unable to go back to the sky.

And unable to die.

Unable to see family and friends.

They just live a long life that never ends.

That's why nobody would volunteer.

Then up came the Human Angel, showing no fear.

Beautiful as always, he stood there.

'I will go down, and show them that we care.'

'I will bring happiness and hope to the land.'

Everyone cried, and up he raised his hand.

'Now, please don't feel pity for me,'

'I want the darkness gone, and set everyone free.'

'Even if I must suffer this pain, I will be fine.'

He smiles and up came a large warm shine.

The light fades, and everyone opens their eyes.

The Human Angel is gone, they begin to cry.

Human Angels are everywhere.

Even so, they are very rare.

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