We put makeup on, and pride ourselves on being perfect, but on the inside we are all broken. We are imperfect beings; shattered mortals. What man can judge lest he be judged himself? Not one of us is perfect. The faults we find in others may just as easily be the faults within ourselves. Look inside of yourself. Who do you see? Is it the person you portray for all the world to see, or do you have a hidden self inside? Now look at that person you are judging. What you see is a surface them, but they may not be who you see. What if they are a person who struggles daily with self doubt? What if, inside, they are simply hurt? Maybe they are abused daily by a torrent of hurtful words. Maybe all they want is a friend. Someone they can talk to, and confide in. Someone they can tell their hidden fears, and doubts. Maybe, just maybe, inside, they are human, just like you and me.


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