I would say that I am sorry for disappointing you

But I have come to a revelation

I’ve been placed on a pedestal I did not ask for

I’ve been given a cape I had not bought for myself

I’ve been held to a standard I knew nothing about


I am just human

And I’m sorry that I couldn’t be the superwoman you wanted me to be

But it was never in the cards for me

You see

I am not the most patient

I get super angry when hunger strikes

And as much as I strive to be selfless

I have moments where I only choose me


I can fuss until I am blue in the face

I can lack the forgiveness I expect from other people

But most importantly,

I can disappoint you and not meet your expectations


I would say that I am sorry for disappointing you

But, in all honesty,

It would not be genuine because I have to save myself from playing the hero



I hope you can forgive me

I hope you can understand

At the end of the day

I am just human

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