The power to be imperfect.

Or the power to be perfect.

Which is better?

We may never know.

From the cruel and sudden fighting.

To the pain, suffering and crying.

Something that happens a lot in this small world.

But everything that has to do with being human.

It is funny how us human works.

It is funny how we feel for another.

Always to feel the pain and agony that another has.

Even if we were the one to put it upon them.

Even if we led them into the fire.

Even if we were the one to drown them.

Us humans do not seem to think in the spot of the moment.

Because what makes us so pure is what happens after.

We feel the pain we applied.

We feel guilty and unworthy.

We feel as if there is nothing left to do but to agonize.

But agonize over something we have put up.

Because after the damage is done.

A human will want to take it back.

Undo all the wrong doings that we have done.

Because we will feel their pain.

We will feel the burn.

We will lose breath.

All for the other we hated so much.

All for the pain that we caused.

Some people say humans have lost their way.

That greed has poisoned humans souls.

But every human has a consious.

They will know what is right and wrong.

They will know what damage they have caused.

Even if a person, or lone subject will not believe it.

That is because that person has no heart.

Has no reason to forgive.

All for the past and not for the present or future.

But at the end of their life they will feel misery.

For they will understand what they have been put through and why.

They will feel guilt, for not forgiving the unforgiven. 

This is the human way.

This is what makes us so pure.

This is what makes us humans so perfect.


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