Mon, 08/11/2014 - 12:47 -- dbowens


A poem from my future serving as a past and present reference:
Life in its many stages represents various shades.
White is used to reference the optimistic way of the young developing brain,
a blank canvas that acts as a foundation for the basis of how you'll live the rest of your days
The happiness of childhood and the way that it flows is symbolized by roygbiv, or the colors of the rainbow. The simplicity of everything at this stage is something that you will reminisce of as, 'the good ol' days'
As an adolescent life turns cammo. Having to blend in amongst numerous settings like school, extracurriculars, and social. With everything going on it just seems so easy to go astray from those goals of med school and plastic surgery that you must attain.
Adulthood is progress and growth, almost in the way like that of a branch, exactly why green is the color that represents. This is when you make the most of your time... studying, deans listing, traveling everywhere, and doing the things you've really wanted to in life.
With seniority life dulls, and often becomes grey. As you've lived your life you became more knowledgable and wise everyday. Take this time to live without regrets, and know that through everything you've tried, you put forth your best. Yes, you've came a long way, closer to the end than ever before, but even this end will commence the beginning for righteous eternal days.


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