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How can a world be so cruel,
where people are ashamed of who they are?
They hide to fit in,
to live ashamed,
to live for another day.

Where the rich have so much,
the poor nothing at all.

Where we say we have matured,
we have improved in living since a hundred years ago ...
While a hundred years ago we were on the brink of war.
Are we not on the brink of war again?

How can you say that we have improved?
When people die for no reason at all.
Where people die because of resentment, lost causes, revenge,
like Joan of Arc, Abraham Lincoln, and Martin Luther King Jr.

We say that we are intelligent species,
We supposedly get along,
We think intellectually,
When in truth animals get along better than we do.
Animal hunt for food, not for entertainment,
They cut down trees for homes,
and not resources.
They can live with each other peacefully,
While We are always fighting.
Are you not ashamed that even animals get along better then we do?

Who are we to say that we have improved by a lot,
when we still have so much to learn,
not only about everything and everyone
but about ourselves.

We have to learn from our mistakes,
or else we will set light to the fuse that will bring us down.
We have to learn to accept each other,
for ourselves, our future, and everything in between.

Because in reality, who else will?
Our children, our future?
Are we not teaching them our mistakes?
Our faults?

It starts with us.
Not with them.
For our future.

It starts when we realize that there is hope for a better tomorrow.
A future where we can live with each other and not hide who we really are,
Where we don't live day by day,
but for the future, the better tomorrow, ourselves.
When we have grown to be proud of who we are and who we have become,
and how far we have made it compared to yesterday.

It starts with us
and a simple Act of Humanity ...


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