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My howl… Is not a cry of desperation

It is not an attempt to chase away separation

It is not a drunken cry of remnants from the bar

It is not a rock and roll crazed imitation

Then why howl if not to be the known?

To howl is my soul crying out in resonation

You don’t hear it

For it is a resonation not on the outside but within

The veil between me and not me growing thinner and thin

Changing me from what I have been

Can you see it?

Can you taste it?

Can you smell it?

Can you feel it?





To howl has purpose and understanding

Not fear

It’s pride And joy

blood sweat and tears

It’s passion and power and rage

but in bliss

I’m not the only one who can howl as they wish

For we are a pack

United we stand

United we run

It was the Trojans of Troy’s battle cry

And at my best friend’s house

It’s roast beef and turkey and mustard on rye

It’s an eagle soaring high In the sky

It’s an ordinary person

Starring death in it’s cold eyes

It’s the courage to face the noise

Of their fire

Their fire

Their fire

Burning us

With their fire

Their fire

But our fire

Our fire

Inside and alive

Smolders and burns out the noise

And booms the untold ambush of surprise

They say you are a fool

If with fire you play

But they do not know

That we are the fire!!!

Brighter than the sun

Dangerous to all

So we howl

In pride

We howl

with joy

we howl

in unison

and our pack shall rise as one






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Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerfully expressed! Truly powerful! Keep sharing keep sharing! The world needs your expression! Keep sharing your life your mind your heart! 

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