How writing a love poem usually goes for me.

A tribute to those who have mastered writing the love poem, sans the cheesiness.

(And a 'you go girl' to those, like myself, who are still working on it.)


If there were as many ways to love you, as there are fusions on the sun,- ah well, that might be too hot of a topic for some of the younger audiences here.

Let me rephrase.

If I could kiss you as deeply as the river runs, as deep as- actually, I don't want to get too deep, I'm not looking to get too philosophical here. 

Let me reiterate. 

Hours go by, and I think of you- OH MY GOD, I MISSED A U. Great, now it's not hours going by, it sounds like Ho-

Hold up, hold up, let me try again.

I wish I could wrap up your smile, your grace, and your freckles in a package, I wish I could wrap up- wait, how do I wrap this up? I need to finish this.

I guess what I'm trying to say, with my less than A grade love poems, is that I think you're okay.

In the best way okay can be.

I love you, it's true, and I hope that that's okay with you.


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