How will i ever know how you feel?

Sat, 07/05/2014 - 00:35 -- Reanna


Why is it so hard for you to decide if you want me in your life or not,

One day we'er ok, then the next we'er not,

Why does everything have to be your way in order to work out,

Only bad thing is that my heart is stuck with you,

Whether you want to talk to me or not, im still around trying to make you smile,

Other people have just given up on you already,

We dont see each other very often, but we never forget about one another,

Older and older we get but yet we'er still playing games,

When will we be able to just stay together without the little things taring us apart,

Only thing i hope not to see is another girl in your arms, my heart would brake,

When i see you i feel like everything is fine, but i dont know how you feel,

Only if you were to let me in your life a little more,

Who knows whats to come next, maybe we'll be able to be one, 

Or just part for good, but how am i suppose to know what you want if you hide your feelings,

When it comes to the thought of never speaking to you again i get sad but then remind myself that i cant make you love me,

Only hope that you dont give up, cause i wont..............



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