How Very Awesome People Can Be

The other day I was feeling a bit off and for once was not the source of positivity

I was letting other people’s words get me down regardless of the relativity

I started to think that maybe they were right; maybe I wasn’t as great as I had thought

I started to think more about what I wasn’t doing rather then what good I had brought

So I put my frustration out there for others to see and didn’t expect much of a response

So I was astounded by all the amazing support that forced my very own mental renaissance

The effect was greater than I ever expected and the positivity I received put a smile on my face

For in that moment of reckoning I realized that I did very well have a place

I affected more people then I had thought I could and when I needed help they gave me a hand

Most importantly they gave me the perspective that I needed to recognize all that I could withstand

Sometimes situations in life and other people get you down and out

And it’s so hard to not get drawn into the negativity and doubt

But all it takes is one; one word, one smile, one moment to be kind

Never be afraid to look for help since you never know the greatness you may find

I have found the kindness that others are capable of to be the most amazing

How awesome people can be when another’s heart needs some raising

Today I noticed that someone was looking down and so I gave them a kind word

In the hope that all the positivity and love that I had received would then be transferred

From others to me and from me to others

Kindness of heart from one to another’s 

This poem is about: 
My community


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