How Precious Life Is

As a child, 

it is the outside world,

the unknown,

that pushed me forward.

Time seemed infinite,

flowing endlessly in my own bubble.

Never a worry nor care,

it was the endless possibility of my future that kept me going.

Now that I am older and my perception has changed,

my stance in this world is very different from the little child's it used to belong to.

Although it is still the outside world,

the unknown that pushes me forward,

it is no longer so innocent.

I know now that people suffer every day,

each going through a battle of their own.

Sometimes they have help,

and sometimes they must face it alone.

Everyone of us struggles with discovering who we are,

latching onto every bit of our identity we stumble upon.

But this is what makes is human.

The pain, the fear, rejection, loneliness, frustration, heartbreak, doubt. 

These experiences are all a part of life,

but it is our attitude towards them that makes us who we are.

We can look at them with disgust,

slowly tearing ourselves apart with blinded rage,

questioning, "why me"?

Or, you can look at them for what they really are: experiences.

Without experiencing pain, we wouldn't know comfort.

Without experiencing fear, we wouldn't know trust.

So you see, it really is our attitude towards our experiences that make us who we are.

It is this that pushes me forward now.

The knowledge of how precious life is,

and the experiences that are sure to come.

A knowledge like this is not something to be hidden,

it is something to be shared for all the world to see.

I know now the time on this earth is finite,

for everyone.

Knowing that I can make a difference in this world while I am here,

by sharing this knowledge,

is what keeps me going, 

what makes my mind tick.


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