How old am I?


How old am I?

How old do I literally have to be to get you off of me?

You teach me to stand up for what I believe in,

To take responsibility of my own actions,

To be my own person,

Yet you nag me for the runty things I do you don't like.

How old am I?

You treat me like the 4 year old who painted the wall

You won't let me live,

You wont let me have my own experiences,

You won't let me have my own adventures.

I want to live.

How old am I?

Let your baby grow up.

You taught me right from wrong.

Let me fall,

Let me pick myself back up.

That's what you taught me to do.

I'll learn from my own mistakes.

Trust in me.

Believe in me.

How old am I?



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