How Lucky it is to be a Woman

Fri, 02/03/2023 - 11:42 -- millsa2

I spoke to a victim of sexual assault todaySlowly sipping her beer, intoxicated "It was my fault. I put myself in that position." Her words broke through the smoke of her cigaretteHis hands-on himself, the barrier of lace around her ankles open to any form of assaultAs her friend sleeps on the couch"I was lucky. It could've been so much worse." How lucky it is to be a woman How lucky it is that if not penetrated, the line between normal and victimized becomes blurredHow lucky it is that I'd grown into a society that normalizes tearing women down until a man's masculinity feels restoredI am to be aware of where I am, what I drink, what I wear, Because if I had followed these rules placed on my shoulders like the women before me, then it never would've happenedI am always in control, and if that control is taken away, I allow it The man that groupes unconscious women is normal to have desires And as a woman, I chose to lower my guard around him No matter what the situation is, it should be instilled in me to have known How lucky I am to be a woman

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