This Is How Life Is

I am disappointed.
Disappointed in America.
Disappointed in American citizens.
Disappointed in the way people treat other people because of the way they talk, look, act.
Disappointed in those who know the mistreatment is wrong but still laugh because they want to fit in.
Disappointed in how we treat senior citizens, as if they don't matter. 
Disappointed that there are more people without permanent residences than there are people who own their homes.
If everyone treated everyone right, or treated the elderly with respect, or built houses for the people who are forced to live on the street, the world, this country, everybody's lives would be better. 
We think we can't make a difference, and we think that karma or destiny or fate or god or whatever else decides what happens to us, but we are wrong.
We all have choices and we all have lives. 
We all have wants and needs and we are all human.
It's not just America, it's the world too.
If we would just band together instead of waging wars, killing for religions that are going to disappear in the future, or hating others because they're different, then we could make a change.
If we put away the bombs, we'd make a change.
If we put away the guns, we'd make a change.
If we put aside the differences, we'd make a change.
Life doesn't have to be awful.
Life doesn't have to be unenjoyable.
In parts of the world, there are women afraid to leave for fear of getting killed.
There are kids who cannot go to school to learn because people go crazy and pull guns on innocents.
There are men who cannot provide for their families, so they are forced to do unspeakable things just so they can eat once a week.
There are multitudes of people who can never walk down the street without having to look over their shoulder because they know there is someone waiting.
People get raped.
People get killed.
People get assaulted.
People get robbed.
People get kidnapped.
People get told they can't go to school because of their race, religion, gender, etc.
People are driven to suicide because others tell them they are useless or their life is worthless.
People don't listen when they are told they DO matter, they ARE beautiful, they SHOULDN'T kill themselves, they ARE loved. 
If people would just listen, if people would just think, if people would open their eyes...
But we won't.
Common sense doesn't exist.
Hope and compassion are stuck in the box.
Love is a thing of the past.
Chivalry is dead.
Money, sex, and religion.
Those are the only things that matter now.
This poem is about: 
Our world


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