How I See Injustice

How I see injustice?
When the ones who hurt you
Don't wanna admit that
They did
How I see injustice?
When don't know that your
Poor self signed up for a scam
How I see injustice?
When NYC (Your Own Hometown)
Disrespects Christ
How I see injustice?
When women call each other
When gang members say
"Snitches get stitches"
Wondering is that being
Taught in government offices?
How I see injustice?
Heartbroken feeling like
My voice is being both disrespect
And unheard
Hard to submit to corrupt government
Authorities during your obedience
To God'd Holy Word
My life constantly bullied
At a NYC DHS Homeless shelter
For believing in Christ when Christ
and DHS said we have religious rights
To worship and I get harassed by other
Clients and most of the staff
When the Bible that "Through Christ" "I can"
How I see injustice?
How your very own loved ones
Hurt you oh so bad?
It hurts not getting enough sleep
Then getting slapped with a
Depression diagnosis
To cover up all the evil loses
"What a Mighty God we serve"
That serves His Holy Justice
Haters scaming my Godly name
But it's only under the name of Jesus
And His authority defeated the lies of every scam
So keep on attack my phone and my sleep
Then insult me by calling me
"Crazy, dillusion, or lazy"
Christ nailed every injustice to
The Cross and already
Defeated every bully
Who still attacks me
&That's How I see injustice

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Deep. *snap fingers* God bless you!

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