This Is How I Feel

Tue, 12/20/2016 - 15:08 -- gigxix

keep saying that I look older

acting like you can bone

man I'm tired of dudes like you

that get girls with a phone

click the chat and text her up

whenever you feel lonely

man I can't deal with guys like you

especially when you're...


I've told you I am done

I've got eyes in someone else

but no you come right back

say you miss me and that I can tell

you don't look at me, just my rack

not my heart, but my ass

not my soul 

for you, that'll never pass


I can tell you don't care

if it's okay or not

when the other guy

we both know he'll break my heart

my heart's already broken

its said and done

but let's just say

I think he's the one


don't play with my heart 

you can sit back and observe 

learn from a guy that doesn't just curve

he cares for me 

and you don't

don't try to play me like a fool

my heart is being salvaged 

by someone,


love isn't something you can play with

please learn I'm not your toy

then when you get bored,

you just throw my to the next

this heart isn't meant for sharing

I'm like a flower, yes I'm delicate

I require love and caring

someone like you needs to learn

that I'm not really that daring

love me or not

this is how I feel



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