How I Became Free

I was just a young girl,

full of life, but had hidden scars,

saw what was behind the mountain of lies,

and no longer thought that the world was pure.

Thought I was ugly, but never understood the true meaning of beauty.

Had so many questions, but never thought I would find answers.

I felt like I was trapped, like a bird in a cage,

thought i would always be lost in my forest of thoughts,

maybe always being the girl that wore the mask.

I was just a young girl,

who needed a place to escape, because my wings were worn and thin,

and my mask was torn,

no longer could pretend I was blind.

I learned to use my words to paint a picture,

no longer lost in my forest of thoughts,

no longer pretending to be blind,

no longer trapped, forever free.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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