How Howard Hugh Heals His Heart


Howard Hugh heals his heart.

Engaging in music is the start.


Listening to music

Is like candy,

The types of genres are a plenty.

Entertained by a tune’s lyrics and choruses,

Never wondering about the message or the meaning,

Simply worried about the heart’s healing.


Howard Hugh heals his mind.

Engaging in folding, with whatever his hands can find.


Folding away your pain and miseries,

Or simply training your brain and learning about modular geometries,

Listen to Howard about origami.

Didn’t you know about his secret remedy? About

Soothing your mind and your memory: with the artistic math, that takes away the day’s wrath.


Howard Hugh heals his soul.

Engaging in cross-country run, he discovers bliss, he discovers fun.


Running high, running low, running fast, running slow,

Under the sun, under the storm.

Never realizing how far he might go, when spreading his arms and just letting go.

Simply pretending to fly, to soar with the eagles up there in the sky.


So you see, according to Hugh,

These are the ways that you too,

Can heal the heart, mind, and soul.


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