How games inspired me

Inspiration comes to the individual in different forms. It could be a person, a book, or

even what a person or loved one said to you that sparked a flame in you. To me it came

in the form of a games. I know that you're probably thinking that this is riduculous, but to

me this is no joke. When I was younger and playing on my old PlayStation 2 with

games like Call of Duty or Medal of Honor, they would always paint the enemy as

being evil. As I grew older and then a game called Battlefield 1 came out it caught my

attention. The game was based on World War one. You're maybe thinking "how can

a game about war inspire you." What the creators of this game was different. What

was different about it? Well this game teaches you things about people that had been, 

through war. In the war story called Friends in High Places you are a Royal Air Force

pilot. At the end of the story the protagonist talks about how veterans of war may not

always tell the truth after all is said and done. Another part in this story is that it reminds

you that the enemy that you are fighting is also human. Other games always paint the enemy as

 the bad guy, but what we forget is that the enemy soldiers are human as well that

experience emotion and hardship as much as our soldiers do. Another story that inspired

me in this game is called Avanti Savoia. This story is about two brothers that were 

volunteers in a regiment called The Arditi. In this story one of the brothers does die

and is later on found among other dead Italian soldiers. And, what this teaches us is that

people closely related to the soldier may never forget about the scares that was left on

them emotionally from the battles even if they win the war.


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