"How does she love a guy like me?"


“How does she love a guy like me?”


His eyes became her mirror

Showing her how beautiful she truly is

Whether she’s in sweats and a baggy shirt

Or a gorgeous dress that compliments every part of her


His voice became the only music she’d ever need

The way he comforted her without even touching her

He says he’s not good with words but she doesn’t think so

His voice is what calms her in the darkest of hours


His words became the only truth she’d ever listen to

Because when he called her beautiful

She knew he meant it

No matter what she may look like at that very moment


His arms became her home

The happiest place on earth was no longer Disney Land

But rather, the hug that made her feel safe

The hands that made her feel wanted


His smile

His touch

Down to every hair on his head

And every scar on his body

Every little detail about him made her love him that much more


“How does she love a guy like me?”


Do you not see her when you walk into the room?

Her eyes light up

And a smile spreads across her face

As the butterflies come to life in her stomach,

Sparks dance across her skin,

And fireworks fill the air


She loves a guy like him


I love a guy like you.


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