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Lord I swear

I lived 5 differen lives

eatin up at five guys

livin the middle

you win you lose

thats 2000s life

its ok


But not for me because

Im not a dumb man

Lil Ceez went schools

Passed high school high

Drank away college

Just couldn't finish

cause i learned too much

classes useless

hurt my ego

makin me burn 

for something i dont want


One can relate

I certainly hope 

makin out, yea

with no where to go


No one to no one

a life with no end

and endless journey

gets to your head

and the feds make you bend

the knee to the hand

got no cash

cant hate that

go to the bank

oh wait


Makaveli, Im a white man

Dont know the meaning 

dont hear the truth

from a single source

except the older ones

i cant find one close

got no friends

but lots of riders

playin it safe

safe upstate yes

keep it safe

go to work

keep it real

dont lie

keep it simple

ignore it all

its all fake

50/50 at best

Lil Fuckin Ceez spittin shit like crazy

foaming at the mouth, trippin

cant understand why

the black men has to die


Thank you to Makaveli Shakur, I wish I knew the whole truth but i guess i got some trees to help ignore the distractions


Keep it real for the ladies

Stuck in Detroit

No welfare

but lots of loans

Left behind

with a boring job

thats no standard

for a white or black

a man is a man

nothin else Ceezy can understand

Everything wack,

no more crack,

cleaning these streets

but polluting our sheets


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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