How Do I Love You


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 How do I know I can love youBecause you believe as I doTrue love cannot be bought or soldIt is the feelings that you show & holdIt is about being able to forgive any mistakeTrust is earned and cannot be fakeWhen we each show that we careWe will have a love that's rareThere can only be one true love in your lifeIt is the one to whom you choose to be husband & wifeA promise is just a word until you give it meaningIt should not be broke or be misleadingAlways be honest with how you feelNever express them unless they are unrealReal love can only really lastAs long as mistakes are left in the pastLove is a lesson you continue to learnA passion that will always burnLove is about the fantasies that you fulfillLove is about living by God's willLove is being in each others heartA contract that each must do their partCommunication is necessary for there to beNo misunderstandings from you or meLove is about being in each others dreamsAnd living within each others meansIt is all about depending on each otherTo always be there for one anotherNever lie or cheat on your mateNever have any  deceiving traitLove is about respect and honorA love that grows is always fonder

This poem is about: 
My family


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