How Did We Love And Lose?

Angélique, you did not meet me by chance
We grew up together in the same home
Two lovable children formed a special bond
We used to play hide-and-seek in the park
And we would scare the meadowlarks away
Darling, these things are not easy to forget

The years went by and your body changed
Something happened to our hearts
We began to look at each other in a different way
And our embrace gave us a different feeling
When we were old enough to make love
This was a new and enjoyable experience to us

We felt that we were made for each other
Darling, how did we love and lose?
Our youthful infatuation brought us happiness
Now we live apart in a world of pain
If there is a way to bring us back together,
Angélique, I believe someday we will find it


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