How can I possibly show you how I feel?

Sat, 11/09/2019 - 19:02 -- EARANA

How can I possibly show you how I feel?

Through what vibrations and acts, 

could I explain to you the peace 

I feel when the wind blows?

When the lovely birds sing?

When the summer night air kisses my skin?

When the sweet grass, 

from the stomps of my feet,

plow it,

for its sweet nostalgic release?

When the heat if the air

steams the eucalyptus trees?

How, but oh how,

can I express this art and love to thee?

The euphoria, delight, inspiration 

and peace I feel among the trees.

The art that imitates my life.

The life that imitates my art

My vision when I can clearly see

the artwork in front of me.

See, life and death are all the same.

My sweet primadonna, Nature.

You are my muse, 

my inspiration

and my life.


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