how can I be in love with you?

how can I be in love with you?

I lay awake tonight coming up with an answer for you.

I don’t want to believe that it’s true because it terrifies me,

but how could I possibly deny it?

you had me from the very first moment,

that first breath we took of the same air.

you flashed that smile that could reach even the darkest of places

and you dared me to come with you into the light.

you pulled me from the riptide I had long drowned in.

with gentle words, and an even gentler touch

you pushed the water from my lungs and taught me to breathe freely again.

you move me in ways my soul has never been moved before.

I did not think it possible for someone to hold so much power over my heart

yet, here you are.

you turned everything I knew upside down

with the mind that knows too much horror, 

the eyes that see too much pain, 

the heart that knows too much sorrow.

you changed me with a single glance

that glance stopped time

and I’ve been frozen ever since. 

so, how can I be in love with you?

because you are you

and that is so much more than enough.



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