How to Be Free


I hide behind a mask

Hoping you won’t ask

Who I am inside

Knowing I have lied

Not only to me

But to all of you

I can’t show what is true

Because then I’d have to know who:

Who I am. What am I?

The question burns in my mind

It hurts like a stab to the heart

Since I can’t find my part

In the world I live in

Sometimes I want to give in

And make it all go away

Whoever is left would pay

Just ‘cuz I couldn’t make it though the day

And that isn’t fair

So I’m required to care

And continue looking for my worth

All over the earth

Until I know myself

And put the mask on the shelf

Then I’ll come out of my shell

With stories to tell

And lessons learned

And rewards earned

I’ll know the true me

Not what everyone used to see

And I’ll be… free


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