I consider friendships
like being a house people move into
some people will wander in with their realtor
only to leave after sampling snacks
some will stay for a while
but leave like a quiet drifter

it was seventh grade when you moved in
I don't know what compelled you
to grace my quiet hallways

maybe you figured
I've walked past the for sale sign enough
that I might as well peek
liking what you saw in the darkened bedrooms
and in the old wood

I accommodated around you
becoming tidy and taking on bits of you
in the new bedsheets
and in your mother's china
it was peaceful then

but you soon grew tired of the way
my windows creaked in the dark of night
in the subtle way my home did not smell enough like you


you began to tear the wallpaper down with your hands
chipped the paint with your fingernails
attempted to replace all of the home that was mine
with the home you wanted to be yours
whispered that no one could love me like you into my carpet
before rubbing in the stains

made sure no one else came and visited my doors
told the bank everything was fine
so there was no chance to foreclose
while you tore down cabinets
smashed holes in my walls with fists to replace
all the words that should have been used

you carved your name into the floor posts
so that I could never forget you

but you grew bored of that too
packing up your bags to find a new home to invade
telling neighbors of how terrible I have become
how terrible it was for you to live in my walls

and you left as quick as you came
leaving me to deal with the pieces
your name in my posts
your voice in my rafters
your smell in my bedrooms

and wherever you went after me
whatever new homes you tried to find suitable
I want you to know
even if you don't remember your time in my walls
I do

and since you left new people have moved in
found hidden beauty in the torn up walls and old wood
attempting to patch the damaged parts of me
they replace your voice with laughter in my rafters
fill my hallways with the smells of home cooked meals
finding new wallpaper to replace what you took

I want you to know that I wouldn't have found them without you
your damages and changes having had brought them in
so I don't hate you
but I want you to know that I'm happier than you ever could have made me
they understand how to treat a house with some damn decency

I want you to know
that they have placed spackle
over your name on my floor posts
They've covered my walls with with photos of me and them

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i love this, its a great  way to describe everything that humans are and how none of them are perfect but some are worse than others. it is a good way to describe friends and those who used to be called that

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