House of Cards: Madness Game.

Thu, 10/03/2013 - 21:11 -- Ashiya

Deal me in

Jack is counting,

One, two, three.

Leaning back,

Rythmic laughing pulling at the bones.

Tick Tock.

Ring the bells.


Ace of Spades,

Sword of Hearts

and the


Grinning in his corner.

Teeth flash.

You're lying!


Black and White

Checkered box,

Little prison cell.

Scarlet flies across the table,

all along the walls.


Ding Dong

They've come again,

Ringing at the door.

King of Clubs,

Queen of Diamonds

Gleaming in their chest.


Ding Dong,

Tick Tock.

You're lying!

Deal me in.

Here we go again.




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