House of cards

This world,

these governments,

these people we call


What have they done

but turned us

into a giant poker game

They, the Aces

the top

most powerful

the so called “Leaders

Who beat all

they fight amongst themselves

for what will benefit them

their needs, their wants,

second to them is everyone else

The rich

kings, queens, jacks, tens

worth a lot and powerful

but only against each other

and the weak

Who they so willingly trample

any below their feet

and if they fall

then they will also get trampled

Average people

four, five, six, seven, eight, nine

just cards in the deck

the most and yet

of little importance

Where they should have power

more than the aces

but we are just there

if standing alone

what can we do


two, three

basically nothing left

the least desirable cards

no hope of rising above the rest

falling behind

tripping and stumbling

doing all they can

to avoid falling


the beaten

the homeless

the trampled

the ones that are put in a box

forgotten and Lost

This is the our house of cards


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