I spent my life trapped in one spot,
Watching others, greater than me make their mark.
I've seen their joy, their sorrows, their pains.

I've seen them die and be reborn again.

I haven't lived, I haven't moved,
I envy those that see me through,
This glass prison, my horrid home,
They pity me, but then they go.

One small little girl, with big blue eyes,
Saw me from across the aisle,
She grabbed my frame with an unsure grip,
And ran to her mother's hip.

She begged for me to be with her,
She begged to let her take me home,
She put a fit when her mother won't budge,
But by chance and mercy I was set to march.

She took me home with a joyous skip,
Her mother taking me, in case I slipped,
They moved me to a wooden case,
Another prison in my face.

After a while, I was pulled free,
Set upon a small bookshelf, with a spree.
She watched me watch her with a smile,
And said, "I'll make your life worthwhile.

"I'll keep you safe from horrid hands,
Little ones with a brownish tan,
I'll make sure you can always see,
The life you bring inside of me."

I smiled at her joyful look,
Of a life without the grip I took,
I tried to make her see,
That life was harder than it seemed.

She just watched me with a sad smile,
And claimed she already knew that time,
Would claim the best of us someday,
Nothing can escape the pain.

She begged me to continue to stay,
And I, foolish, couldn't say nay,
She smiled and kissed my prison glass,
Though her breath fogged up the mass.

I watched her little blue eyes grow dim,
Blood often pouring from her skin,
I watched as her life started to fall,
Exactly as I told her it would from the hall.

I watched it start to climb,
Her sadness replaced by a foolish chime,
"Love" she said, "pours out from his eyes."
"Love," I told her, "Will make you blind."

"He makes my world shine bright."
"He only wants what he thinks is right."
"He makes me feel like a child again."
"He's only going to bring you pain."

She had enough of my constant nagging,
So onto my prison, she made my silence,
She added another, set me in the dark,
But still in the new prison, there was a crack.

I saw her fall in love with a beast,
I saw her start to be a feast,
She thought she was truly loved,
But didn't see the marks.

She bore him a child, reluctant to do,
The things that he will force on her soon,
It wasn't until she took me out,
That she saw my sadness as she looked.

She noticed the amount of neglect that she,
Promised me once, will never be,
Tears were falling from her eyes,
As she apologized.

I told her it was not her fault,
She said she couldn't take it anymore,
She told me what she was planning to do,
And begged that I joined her too.

After watching her sob, I agreed,
So, she kissed my glass, and smiled at me,
She turned me around, setting me on the ground,
And took her life, without a sound.

Mine was a slower, painful death,
The cold sand suffocating me again.
I didn't let myself stay alive,
And let the sand eat me up inside.

It fills my prison, filled my lungs,
And with a gasp, my light went dark.
I left my prison while being trapped,
And left this world in a snap.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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