Horrible Teachers


We have all had that one teacher,

The Boring one,  

If education was a taste, they would be a rice cake.

The Strict one,

This person is the Sargeant of your class, and you are a private.

Instead of push-ups, they write referrals because you were talking.

The one that is mad at the world,

It seems as if they tripped one day, 

and a cactus went up their ass.

This teacher's life goal is to embarrass her students.

The Creepy one,

The one whose expressions make you feel incredibly uncomfortable.

Who acts as if school was a buffet,

Starring at girls, and he is hungry.

The Self-Narrating Autobiography,

This teacher has you learn more about their life than their subject.

Yeah it is interesting,

but when the test comes around all that is on your mind is their vacation to a foreign country. 

What do all of these teachers have in common? 

They do EVERYTHING but teach,

Where is the motivation? 

Where is the learning?

Too bad there is an abundance of these teachers,

and a good teacher is a rare catch,

and we wonder why our education system is failing.


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