Hopes & Dreams


United States
40° 41' 53.0556" N, 73° 53' 41.388" W

Staring at greatness, No more hatred
My art is painless, Should be sacred
Music under surveillance talent wasted
We had dreams I forgot to chase it
Watching my team from atop these pavements
For us to reach these must be awakened
What I believe lies in the midst of ancient
Want to accept nominees release a statement
My heart will freeze if I don't reach greatness
I can achieve, my legend is tenacious
I can be your living inspirations
For those locked up praying for a better day
Relieve it through poetry ain't a better way
Know they'll rob you if you pray
And you blame it on god like it was his fault you were sent away
So around your mind you've built a barricade
Cockiness is behind the fact that you're afraid
Although we lead different lives we're the same
We seem to be ignorant not taking blame
The only difference is I give out notes to teens
To tell them to reach for all their hopes and dreams
You need to refrain from all these potent schemes
Read books and deny these open magazines
Whether you've chosen to be a marine
Or if you're a poet with a pen that bleeds
Never be scared of your hopes and dreams.


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