Hopes up:

Mon, 08/17/2015 - 02:51 -- Zmthall

Never get someone's hopes up,
Just to put them down.
You never know how they feel,
Or how they take the pound.

People are brittle and easily destroyed,
Making them feel upset is something to avoid.
Sometimes it's easier to tell people how it is,
Instead of getting their hopes up just to bring them down again.

Sometimes when a person gets thrown down to the ground,
It takes more than apologies to cancel out the pound.
Every person in this world just wants to feel they're loved,
Instead of getting their hopes up just to be thrown back in the mud.
Instead of putting people down just stop for a second and look around.
Think about what will happen no matter how profound.
Will the person get upset or will it make their day?
These are things you should ask yourself before you make your play.

When you choose things for the best life flows so much smoother,
But when you mistake the bad for good in the end there's only one loser.

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