Hopelessly Romantic

That girl that I pitied

Whipped over some boy

Spouting he loves me; I love him

You'd think him some great boy toy

She gave him her love

He took it, and bragged

The girl saw him for what wasn't there

People waved their white flags


I saw that girl some time later

Crushed, duped, all his words were lies

His lies the truth

Scrambled by mind games, she broke her own rules

That girl I pitied was smart, but with her heart, a fool


People thought it was quaint--oppotistes attract

But I knew differently, her claws couldn't retract

That girl burned inside her pain

I empathized when I realized I had been treated the same

That girl that I pitited was so hooked she couldn't quit

In love: disguieses, beguiled by lies and heartwrenching plot twists


Time Passed and she finally moved on

Her mind had been full of mistrust, anger married to lust

Revengeful and hate ridden: love sickened


I looked in the mirror and she said you're forgiven






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