Hopeless World

Sat, 02/28/2015 - 23:00 -- Jenny

Some people told me hell no..
Others said don't go down that road.
Many got tired of me,
And told me leave them alone
And a few said wait until I'm ready.

But that day, that day I listened to my heart
And let my mind decieve me
I know its my fault.
Nothing will change.

The first time it happened I couldn't even think
But to think it has happened again I can't even breathe.
Terrified and vulnerable I am.

To have someone enter again, in the same way
Changed my life
I now think of myself as..
No purpose

Day by day I wake up and wonder
Was it the love I thought I had
That brought me outside
Only God knows

How could I be so stupid
To think that love was in the air
Apologies were accepted
For that single moment.
Things happened fast, time and pain flew.

No one will ever understand how I feel
No punishment
There's a future ahead
For one so young
Bad things happen

The Lord gives his biggest battles
To the strongest people
But I'm not strong anymore
My life has transformed

I should've just gave up
But who is idiotic enough to let go of a fantasy?
This happened because a dream lead me
To where I wasn't supposed to be

Some people said were not destined
Others said give it time
Many wouldn't even listen
And a few said when we have to wait

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