Hopeless Romantic

And it began, again.

The battle between my mind and heart.


"He deserves better than you!"

"He will never love you!"

"You are way too fat!"

"You aren't his type!"

"He will never love you!"

"You're way too dumb"

"It's just a crush"

"... A long, heart-felt, burning crush"

"You'll just push him away, like the others!"

"...stupid girl"

"...you stupid, selfish girl"

"...all you can do is dream"

"...all you can do is cry"

"....because you'll never tell him"


These are the things I tell myself to get you out of my mind.

But all you do is resurface, and grow.

Then, you sting and drown me.

This poor, weaken heart.

This broken soul.

Can take so much.


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