Hopeless Nights

Tue, 11/03/2015 - 17:56 -- mselzer

Clouds gather overhead

Making it hard to leave my bed.

Once there was light

But now only night

And tears that the skies shed.


They blanket the sky

Creating the lie

That there is no sun

And darkness has won

As the heavens begin to cry


No motivation

Drained of creation

I search my soul deep

But only find desires to sleep

And fall into damnation


The cold seeps into my blood

My bones don’t move as they should

I feel heavy as stone

And cold as an empty throne

As the ground starts to flood


Will there ever again be wondrous light?

Will there ever come an end to this endless night?

I fervently hope for life

But the darkness is strife

And I no longer have the strength to fight.


As the darkness continues to grow

I lose the hope I used to know

That warmth and light exist

That there’s a reason to resist

And a new wind will soon blow.


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