Hopefully bliss:

Tue, 08/18/2015 - 22:22 -- Zmthall

Life once seemed so distant.
Staring me blank in the face behind a two sided mirror.
But now I kind of see a hint of something....
Hopefully bliss.
I always thought that happiness was non-existent.
But now it becomes more visible as it comes nearer.
I really hope my life is changing...
Hopefully gracefully.
I once was gunna give up but I've been persistent.
Kept going until my goals were clearer.
When you talk to me I can hear my heart pumping...
Hopefully dreaming.
My heart flutters at your commitment.
And makes me think you are the winner.
I wouldn't forgive you if you are lying...
Hopefully realistic.
Please be mine if you are...
I need a hope for bliss.
Because at the rate my life's going
I'm afraid to be alone...
Please be here for me,
Because I'm tired of being used..
I'm afraid to give myself to someone, if they aren't genuine...
Please be the one that brings bliss into my life..
I truly need someone like that...

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