Hope in the Single Life

Wed, 08/27/2014 - 14:10 -- Zakey93


I, Myself, Who is guinuine to the highest degree is not always as confident as everybody sees.


Talking to girls that I really like is as difficult as Shaq struggling to makes threes.


But you're only seeing a piece of the puzzle that makes up the whole me.


I'm trying to taking the time to get to know these girls, but in reality some of them kinda bore me.


If I'm not mistaken it must mean that those boring chicks aren't for me.


I'm a fly guy, but don't drink and I don't smoke. If you put a fine girl in my presence I will choke.


But I really want some gorgeous who is exciting and can tell a funny joke.


Also a girl who can be as faithful as I can be with out any hearts getting broke.


I know I should be patient, but I often get lonely.


I've had girlfriends in the past, but they weren't for me.


Maybe I was so used to being in a 4 and a half year relationship with the girl I thought would always love me.


But there are more important things, fog is gone, now I see.


I try to get my mind off her by going out to mingle,  I reminisce about the times we had, but now I'm single.


On the flip-side, being single isn't all that awful. I get to focus on what really matters, which is me and become more awesome.


Being single gives me the advantage to take pride in this freedom I have and really blossom.


Also, being single makes me realize who is by my side in my circle and know I am not by my lonesome.


This is not this end of my love life! I will find some one new!


She will be the most beautiful girl in the world and become my wife too.

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