Hope of a new day

I looked up at the sky
Wondered who am i ?
Will I be defined by my gender
Or by the women before me

Stereotypes ,I defeat that
I've been told to act like this ,be like them or do that
The world will not tell me who to be !
And will have to deal with it

Because I am a powerful and uniquely made
Thats who I am
No limits or boundaries can stop me now
Because of the foundation laid by the women,
The warriors who came before me

The women who were told no.
But they still broke those man-made boundaries
And fought for a future
They fought for their daughters , us

It's now your choice. You can be anyone you want to be
Reach for the star's
Make your voice heard
Be a wonder women because you are the hope of a new day
-Raging Fire

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Our world
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