Hope, love and kindness in the most subtle of ways…

Life itself won’t stop
It doesn’t wait for you if you pause
So don’t worry just ride it
No point in thinking you’re a lost cause

There’s someone out there who loves you
You’re someone’s role model, you could be mine
Just don’t give up, try with every ounce of your being
You can make it and beat it, make it to the finish line

I know there are all the time where it sucks
You need to look past it
Take life for a spin
Don’t let it drive you, don’t take a hit

Reading poems I see
I get a jump of joy and inspiration
I see more happiness and hope
And less dark menacing depression

I love it, I adore it
I thank everyone for all the love and effort put
Always making me smile even without knowing
Because of you all, each day I step off on the right foot
And always will until the end


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