Hope Conquers Fear

Now some may ask how I battle fear
Well let me tell you my story here:
My past filled up with many sorrows
I had no hope for future tomorrows.
My birth parents didn't care for me
And that made me feel so unworthy
The social services placed us in foster care
but that drove me into a pit of despair
I hoped and dreamed of a family
who love me unconditionally
After three long years and three foster homes
I finally found one to call my own
My two younger brothers and I
would never have to say goodbye
I know there would be no rejection
but only be love and affection

And I’ve learned to love

And I’ve learned trust

I've said my past has been filled with many fears
But there's one thing I learned about those years
That hope can conquer, and hope can save
I thought my life was already a grave
A terrible pit suffocating me
Filling with only dirt and debris
But up above a light still shined
And I no longer felt so confined
A sense of peace removed the grief
And I held on to my one belief
I was going to make it out alive
I was going to do more than survive
My dream is to love and love so much
And never hold a single grudge
I want to heal a hurting heart
and help them when they fall apart

To show them how they are enough

And that there can be such love and trust


This poem is about: 
My family


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