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Sun, 02/02/2020 - 07:11 -- BETTYA7

When hope seems to be utterly lost

When failing becomes what happens most

When full of sorrow and perpetual pain

We come to infer that hope is main

 So we manage to work extremely hard

 And will not stop for a silly canard

As we are not destined to become failures

Just wait and see we will raise our status

We do not heed to those who call us despair

We just declare victory loud and clear

We do not forget we are what we say

A hint of negativity and we will dearly pay

We never think to quit or quickly give up

Until we succeed to get the right map

Of satisfaction and complacence paradise

A step away to simply surmise  

Your time has come to be robust

Do not slack but rest if you must

Succeed to be happy, to be very gay

Let there be ecstasy for you and your country

Fight the good fight and stand in hope

 We are sure you will be the pertinent slope

To lead us all to the mountain top

Do not waste your precious time

Bear in mind that you will do fine

Be confident and full of pride

But not vanity that is too futile

We dare to say never say never

But do buck up and be very clever.

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