Why do people hope for a better tomorrow? Why do we pray that times will get better? Well the answer to those questions lies within the individual. You see, it's all about perception. In the eyes of the believer, a better tomorrow is something that can be achieved through diligence and hard work. However, in the dismal individual's eyes, a better tomorrow is hard to believe and seems unattainable. Now as it pertains to you, you may operate on either of those ends of the spectrum or even on some level that I didn't specify. Whatever your outlook is, it is vital that we get rooted in order to thrive in this big grand scheme that we have deemed as “Life”. If we all took a moment to step back and looked at what was going around us, we would be amazed at what we would find. There are so many things that we neglect in our everyday lives but we must address the problems that lie around us. By doing this, we learn that “hope” is something that we can grasp and can motivate us towards achieving that better tomorrow. By believing in this and making it our prayer, we will surely see that those troublesome things will get better. Take this statement into account the next time you're feeling oppressed or feel that the odds are stacked up against you. By these standards, we can experience a renewal that will be felt by our generation and the generations to come. This is what it means to hope.



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