Old thoughts come to fill my mind.
My wishes I forsake; for troubles arise.
With a strong vow, I hope to bind.
My wayward heart, with my aims' demise.

Often sadness comes with a harsh word.
Feelings passionate burn too keen.
With an aching heart, I long for peace.
Alone and solitary I have been.

Slow motion that hinders earthly doings.
Loneliness that cripples growth.
For a gleam of light, my soul and mind thirst.
But from freedom, barred are both.

In times past, my mind was green.
Verdant and vibrant, soft and bright.
I long for a gush of Liberty's spring.
To free my mind from endless night.

Sweet memories unfold, long lain untouched.
Perhaps again, I might just feel.
My heart revive to sing its song.
Sometime I may wait for my mind to heal.

Though pain will rack and sadness reigns.
My cure, I hope, lies in Future's lanes.


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