Where did life go wrong? When did my life end up being left in the shadows? I just want everything to stop. Everything is so hectic. I can't handle living a life where I'm too insecure, shy, scared and nervous to be myself because I know that everyone will judge me.

Everyone just makes fun, stares and bully's the girl in the back of the class making her feel insecure. I can't handle kids at school telling me death threats or telling me to just end my life. I'm sick and tired of everyone bullying me because I'm not rich or popular. Just because I don't have those amazing beach waves, perfect flawless skin, rich clothes or perfect life it doesn't mean you need to treat me like shit every day.

Why am I not good enough? Because social media and our society has lead us to believe that we girls have to have rich clothing, perfect hair, flawless skin, perfect parents, perfect life, perfect make up or be rich. Society and social media platforms should have taught us that we can accept everyone for who they are but instead we all ended up tearing each other's skin apart with our hurtful words. We all give each other stairs that feel like bullets piercing through our skin. We should have learned to be good people instead of terrible people.

If we want a change, we must take a stand, or we will forever live in fear of our future children and our next generations suffering the same ways we have and that’s a dreadful thought in my head. Us teenagers and kids need to be the good change that we want to see in the world in our future. We need a positive future for the kids in the world. We need a good generation's start for our new generation. 


This poem is about: 
Our world


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