Hope has always been a mirage to us as we toss and turn, 

scratch and scrap everywhere looking for answers 

Hope has been vailed to us as we moan , wail and groan for change

Hope has been bleak for us as we get lampooned hoping to find love

Hope has been covered in obscurities as we try to find whether its existance is of certainty

only then do we get to realise that hope has never existed

And if did exist its resemblence was of minute significance

ust as we get to learn the new song does our hearts open up that we never needed hope for hope trailed with us as we moaned, tossed and turned for emblematic significance

The new song gave us an insight that we were the hope and for us to be recognised we had to BELIEVE in ourselves

THIS  was a word we found hard to spell correctly

When we learnt its meaning HOPE unvailed its meaning to us and we got PURPOSE

We got a reason  to smile,  and we tossed , moaned and groaned nomore.

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