Today is the time for rain,

But it is not the only thing that fell.

Today is the day that it fell from heaven

And fell down to Earth.

What shone above it was the sun,

And what laid under was the sky.


As it lay under the sky,

The sky had no more rain.

It is what brought out the sun,

But no one knows why it fell

And landed on Earth,

But we all know that it came from Heaven.


It was Heaven

Who opened up the sky

And let it fall to Earth.

It was them who stopped the rain;

And as I searched for where it fell

They watched from the sun.


It still lays under the sun

And it calls upon Heaven,

To pick it up from where it fell.
It looks up to the sky

And cries harder than the rain

As it sits on Earth.


I know that it’s on Earth.

I know that it lays beneath the sun.

I know that it cries harder than the rain.

I know that it came Heaven.

I know that it fell from the sky.

I just don’t know where it fell.


I need to know where it fell

To spread it across Earth,

To send it to the sky,

To let it shine brighter than the sun,

To show it to Heaven,

To shield it from the rain.


Hope has fallen from the sky, and I have seen where it fell.

There is no more rain to land upon the Earth

And hope is more than the Sun as it came from Heaven.


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Our world
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