Amongst the darkness of the world,
Poverty and the poor,
Children of very young mothers,
Abandoned children of fathers,
Deaths of loved ones that come and go,
Even abortion agreed upon by scared young girls,
The people who just don't understand
The love of same sex couples and their marriage,
Those who bully for no reason at all
Maybe for homosexuals, race, appearance, disability and stereotypes whether small or tall,
Awful suicides committed because of bullies and other issues unknown to family and friends,
Drug users, dealers and those addicted to alcohol
Make bad decisions that will haunt them all,
Pollution of our home, our planet, and our world,
The rights of people forgotten and ignored,
Disrespect for others all around because they aren't exactly like you
Or believe the same too,
Cutting of jobs and beloved, unappreciated programs in schools,
Foreclosures, bankruptcies, businesses and restaurants closing,
Cold, long winter nights and blazing hot summer days,
Technology overruling the world and growing every day,
Friendships drifting apart that never remain,
Neglected and abused pups, dogs, kittens and cats,
Endangered yet hunted down creatures
In the rain forests, jungles, desserts, plains, oceans or seas,
Abusive relationships by hand or feet,
Natural disasters that strike cities causing deaths of hundreds,
Molesters, rapists, murderers, serial killers and terrorists
All the types of people we are afraid of
And yes, even dictators, communists and traitors,
The power-hungry leaders of countries that won't stop,
Disease, illness and injuries that cannot be prevented,
Victims that cannot be helped,
Prisoners in jail cells suffering till the end of time
And the prisoners in their own homes struggling to fight,
Families and individuals experiencing hardships and the difficult times
That are blamed on God, the one we should praise and worship,
A God that not many believe and have faith in no longer,
The mentally ill and insane that children grow to be
Because of violence in their family and violent video games indeed,
Sexists, discrimination and the racists that are still in this world,
Thoughts of world peace that will never happen as it seems impossible
And the world coming to an end according to a certain race or religion.
The darkness cannot get any darker,
The world any crueler or colder,
And the people any more terrible.
But one word, one light, one idea and feeling
Can make the world seem less frightening,
Will help bring light into the world and people's homes.
This one, simple noun or verb must be held onto forever
As it will guide you to live on a brighter path.
Happiness can be yours if you remember to have hope,
Even in the darkest of times with some terrible people in this cruel world.
There. Is. Hope.


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