The word ‘hope’ itself makes me feel hopeful. I like the word hope. Hope has a nice ring to it. The way it rolls off your tongue with ease.


Hope is what people need more of. People seem to be giving up on society when really, they should have hope. I can see it. It’s a little glimmer of light in the darkness. How is this unique thing so often overlooked?


Those little things that people do everyday, the kind gestures, people don’t notice them because they are too focused on negative things.


On May 16th, in Ecuador, they set a world record for reforestation. I chose it for my topic for a current event in class. There were other current events like ones about murder, or people making other bad choices, but I did not choose any of those for my topic. I chose this one. Because it gave me hope.


A volunteer in the process wanted the record to be broken every month because he had hope that people care that much about their environment.


Hope was the thing at the bottom of Pandora’s box. Hope saved us from the evils. Hope made it so life wasn’t miserable.


People who say they don’t believe in hope, I don’t believe them. Hope isn’t a thing you simply “believe” in. Hope isn’t some sort of myth. It’s real. If all hope were to be taken away from you, you would be surprised at how miserable life would be.

Take a deep breath. Wish upon a star. Set goals, have dreams. Be creative and have no limits! Don’t tell yourself you can’t be what you want to be because it’s “impractical”. Try! That, my friends, is what hope is. Don’t ever lose it.

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